Styling Tips

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Want a new look for your interior spaces? Here are five styling tips to help you in your design process.


1. Clear the room of everything except large furniture pieces. Accumulated clutter doesn’t help when trying to come up with inspirational ideas for an area in the home. Blank space allows creativity to flow.

2. Consider a new furniture arrangement. Save your back and sketch it out first. Take into account your family’s traffic flow.

3. Create a new focal point. A collection of like items can be displayed on shallow shelves as an art installation, or similar color art pieces can be arranged to make one large collage.

4. Gather items from other rooms in the house to support your new design direction. Repetition is an easy design principle to master. An item or color should be used three or more times in order to create rhythm and establish a pattern.

5. Add punch. Top your new room off with something totally unexpected. It could be one bold art statement that you thought would never match, one large object that is opposite on the color wheel of your primary color palette or a sparkling light fixture.

Nikki Njeri Klugh, Allied ASID, CIEC, Principal Interior Designer
Nikki Klugh Design Group

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