Lighting and the Romantic Home

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Lighting a home has several layers: general lighting, task lighting and ambient lighting. This final layer is where romance comes in. Ambient or mood lighting includes many types of lamps and fixtures. Here’s how to use them in your home.


  • Showcase artwork or focal points with spot lighting.

  • Add depth and interest to cabinets and bookcases with strip or PUC lighting.

  • For added architectural interest, try strip lighting above crown molding in a recessed ceiling.

  • Create another level of light with wall sconces in living rooms, foyers or dining rooms.

  • Create beautiful shadows with a can light placed behind an indoor tree.

A few other tips to keep in mind when creating your romantic home: Be kind to the Earth and use LED and fluorescent lighting. Put dimmers on as many of your switches as possible. You can’t have too many. For some old-fashioned romance, don’t forget candles. Try soy candles for a healthier alternative to paraffin candles.

Lori Hollis, Allied Member ASID
Interior Domain

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