Five Functional Family Room Fixes

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Families are spending more time at home, so today’s family room must be equipped for various activities. Family rooms can be aesthetically pleasing and function well with these tips:

1. Media

Have a focal point for electronics, watching television, listening to music and/or utilizing gaming systems. Systems should be placed safely in the room to avoid injury or fires, wires and connections should be hidden from view and screens should be the appropriate size for the room.


2. Cabinetry

Families have a variety of interests and need storage for such items as media systems, board games, CDs, DVDs and books. Purchase shelving units or have a custom system made. Make use of open and closed storage to access items. Think multifunction when purchasing furniture; for example, choose an ottoman with interior storage.


3. Seating

Always have enough seating for the entire family to interact. This can include ottomans, chairs, sofas and floor cushions.


4. Flooring

Family room flooring should be comfortable underfoot and allow easy cleanup. Consider laminates, hardwood, vinyl or carpet tiles as options.


5. Accessories

Make your family room inviting and comfortable. Add color with area rugs and pillows. Personalize with family photos. Provide good lighting for reading, but include a dimmer switch for relaxing. Install blackout blinds for movie viewing. Use washable wall paint for ease of maintenance.


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