On Deck With Redwood and Cable Railings

cableredwood JWhen it comes to creating a home’s distinctive look, consumers get more building material options each day. For a unique twist on a traditional deck, consider a combination of redwood framing with stainless-steel cable infill. This idea isn’t new, but is growing in popularity. Ask your contractor for suggestions and references. Chances are they can connect you with someone who’s lived with this style long enough to share how it works for them — and if it will work for you. There’s a wealth of information to be found online at sites such as sandiegocablerailings.com and californiaredwoodco.com. Here are some reasons why you should consider this option for your deck:


  • Cost Effectiveness

Because stainless-steel cable never rots, it never has to be replaced, which saves money. Redwood is less expensive in material and labor than either vinyl, composite or exotic wood.

  • Durability

Stainless-steel cable is resistant to salt water and is used commonly in architectural marine applications. Redwood framing provides natural resistance to rot and insects.

  • Low maintenance

Redwood decks simply need sweeping to clear debris. Rinsing with a garden hose will remove dirt and grime, while stubborn buildup can be removed by scrubbing with a nonferrous bristle brush and a solution of warm water and mild detergent (which should be rinsed off after cleaning). This is typically enough to keep a redwood deck in good order. Unlike glass, stainless-steel cable won’t get fingerprint marks, won’t fog up and only needs minimal cleaning.

  • Style

Whether a rustic or contemporary look, interior or exterior application, redwood and cable materials adapt to many styles. Rough-sawn redwood timbers can be used to maintain a rustic appearance, while smooth or custom-milled timbers can create a modern or contemporary styling. Cable infill allows for unobstructed views and cleaner lines than traditional picket railings.

Steve Sherritt, owner of San Diego Cable Railings and SD Independent Construction
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