Pick Ripe Veggies

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WINTER VEGETABLES started in late fall may be ready for harvest now. Here’s how to know when to pick them: 

Broccoli — Cut stalks with a sharp knife when broccoli buds are full and firm, but haven’t opened. 

Cabbage — Cut them when heads feel rock hard. If the heads feel springy, they need more time. 

Carrots — Harvest when these edible roots are finger size.

Cauliflower — Cut heads when the buds are full and close together. When they begin to separate, you’ve waited too long.

Peas — Pick shelling pea pods when they swell and peas are still bright green. 

Radishes — Pull from the ground as soon as they reach full size, as early as three weeks after planting seeds. Left in the ground too long, they turn woody.

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