Segmented Wall Blocks

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Garden tip from Matt Layman

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Paving Stone of San Diego is a family-owned and -operated business specializing in the design and installation of interlocking paving stones for your driveway, patio, pool deck or walkway.

Today, there are quite a number of retaining wall products from concrete block and paver manufacturers. Some of the best — and easiest to install — are called segmented wall blocks. 

Segmented stone wall blocks combine the beauty of natural stone with the strength of concrete. These wall blocks are ideal for low-retaining, seating and freestanding walls, columns, steps and barbecues. One local source is Angelus Pavers and Walls (

In virtually no time, a commonplace back yard can be transformed into an outdoor living space that you’ll be able to enjoy year-round. Here are some of the advantages of segmented stone wall blocks:

They are made from low-maintenance concrete.

The block’s integral color lasts for many years.

The blocks do not have concrete footings; you can install them quickly and easily over a crushed-rock base.

There’s no need to stucco or paint; the wall blocks combine structure and finish in the same product. 

With multiple sizes, colors and textures available, design options are almost limitless.

They are extremely versatile and can be used to define your outdoor space.

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