The Use of All-Natural Materials for Centerpieces


Garden tip from Evergreen Tabletops by Robert Waite with Lynn Arave (Gibbs Smith, 2012)

Discover author and designer Robert Waite’s secrets of combining fresh flowers, fruit and live greenery to create beautiful centerpieces and more in Evergreen Tabletops. Waite’s unexpected incorporations create the look and feel needed for any setting and will inspire you to make great use of greenery in your own back yard.

All-natural materials make eco-friendly sense these days. Here are ideas for simple-to-get items that can be used in arrangements:


Plants and flowers — Many plants and flowers can be collected in the summer and fall to be hung up to dry. Yarrow, statice, rose hips, pyracantha, sunflower pods and black-eyed Susan pods are options. 


Greens — The variety of greens you can use is numerous. Fir, balsam, juniper, cedar, boxwood, magnolia, holly and eucalyptus make great accents. A combination is encouraged.


Fruits and nuts — A quick trip to your local grocery store (or your back yard) will provide colorful nuts and fruits to give your creation interest. Some fruits can be sliced and dried; others provide character dried and shriveled. Red or green apples, yellow lemons, oranges, limes and Indian corn liven up any centerpiece.


Photography: Zag Williams

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