Gift Ideas for Gardeners


Garden tip from Monrovia

Monrovia, founded by Harry E. Rosedale in 1926, grows more than 2,300 varieties and 22 million plants annually, with each plant nurtured by hand. Monrovia is committed to enhancing the beauty and value of the North American landscape — one garden at a time.

Gift Ideas for Gardeners

If you’re dreading the hectic shopping-mall scene this holiday season, look for nature-inspired gifts from your local garden center that are useful and keep giving beyond the season. Here are some ideas:


  • For your bird-loving friends, choose a few plants with berries — like snowberry, winterberry, cranberry bush or beautyberry  — and present them along with a bird feeder. 
  • Succulents are popular, unbelievably easy to grow and very versatile. Plant some in pretty glazed containers to give as gifts; or make a long-lasting, living wreath, teaming with colors and textures. Hens and chicks work well, and many varieties are kissed with red, pink or maroon.
  • Need a memorable hostess gift? How about a fragrant citrus, like Nagami kumquat or Meyer lemon? Both can be grown indoors or out. Tabletop topiaries look great on a mantel, buffet or dining table. Nestle the pots in some greens or pinecones; even hang a few small ornaments on them. The multicolored Goshiki false holly, Tuscan blue rosemary or Alberta blue dwarf spruce are perfect holiday choices. Or opt for a modern look in a metallic silver or gold container.
  • Beginning gardeners will appreciate easy-care plants like pyracantha, bush lily, sedum or Siberian carpet. Then wrap up a few essentials like a gardening book or magazine subscription, trowel, pruners and gloves. 

Captions, left to right: ‘Charming Fantasy’ snowberry; Succulent wreath; ‘Red Elf’ pyracantha

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