ASID Design Excellence Awards



The Merit Awards

Deborah Thomas Memorial Award: Amber D. Style, Student ASID

The Don Marrell Award: Clay Leaf, Industry Partner Rep for Clay Leaf Building, Inc.

The Ethel Siegelmann Award: Kellie McCormick, ASID


Presidential Citation: Kerry Nelson, ASID


Singular Residential Space

1st Place: Robert Wright, FASID, Jason York, ASID & Kate Lindberg, ASID

2nd Place: Kathleen M. Zbacnik, ASID

3rd Place: Kristy Kropat, Allied ASID



Specialty Design

1st Place: Faith Harrison, ASID

2nd Place: Anne Kellett, ASID


Bathroom Design

1st Place: Kristianne Watts, ASID

2nd Place: Sol Quintana Wagoner, Allied ASID


Kitchen Design

1st Place (tie): Rosella Gonzalez, Allied ASID & Alison Moreno, Allied ASID

1st Place (tie): Tatiana Machado-Rosas, Allied ASID

2nd Place: Sol Quintana Wagoner, Allied ASID


Residential Space Over 3,500 Square Feet

1st Place: Denise R. Homme, ASID

2nd Place: Robert Wright, FASID; Jason York, ASID & Kate Lindberg, ASID

3rd Place: Kristianne Watts, ASID


Residential Space Under 3,500 Square Feet

1st Place: Lynn Crosby Harland, ASID

2nd Place: Tatiana Machado-Rosas, Allied ASID


Commercial Space Under 3,500 Square Feet

1st Place: Shannon Miller-Rice, ASID

2nd Place: Anjum Razvi, ASID and Leslie Leinbach, ASID


Student Award for Commercial Design

1st Place: Megan Siason, Student ASID and Renee Zapata, Student ASID

2nd Place: Jessica King, Student ASID and Monica Gibe, Student ASID

3rd Place: Brook Hampton, Student ASID


Industry Partner Awards

Best Wall Treatment: Margarette Johannes, Industry Partner Rep for Avant Palette

Best Use of Textiles: Concetta Antico, Industry Partner Rep for Antico Fine Art

Best Use of Hard Surfaces: Terry A. Smith, Industry Partner Rep for Terry A. Smith Cabinetry

Best Use of Sustainability: Melissa Higgins, Industry Partner Rep for Vero

Best Use of Technology and Lighting: James Diez, Industry Partner Rep for Southwest Audio Visual


More photos to come!

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