Get Down With Down and Feather


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Design tip from The American Down & Feather Council

With the countdown to winter upon us, it’s that time of year when cold winter nights can make it difficult to fall asleep … and heavy blankets can make it difficult to stay asleep. Down and feather comforters and bedding can help ensure restful sleep, as they are one of the best natural insulators, while having the advantage of still being light and breathable.

Get Down With Down and Feather

Count on these important sleep numbers from the American Down and Feather Council while you are shopping, and rely less on those sheep:


  • 500 – Fill power measures the fluffiness of down, and a higher number means more warmth and weight. For cold winter months, a fill power of 500 and higher will keep you especially warm and snug.

  • 230 – Thread count refers to the number of threads woven together in a square inch. Purchase bedding with thread count of 230 or higher to ensure it is “downproof.” That way you will retain all that good filling. 

  • 75 – The percent that a down product must contain of down clusters to receive the official ADFC certification label. Look for the ADFC label on your bedding to ensure you are getting the highest-quality product.

  • 50 – If a bedding product contains both down and feather, whether 50-50 or any other combination, the percentages must be labeled. The ADFC certification label will let you know that the percentage is correct.

  • 15 – Down and feather comforters will allow you to turn down your heating by 10 degrees to 15 degrees at night, saving you up to 15 percent a year on the heating bill, according to the Department of Energy.

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