Budget Accountability


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Design tip from Traci Taylor, owner/designer

Arise Art Group

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Arise Art Group offers creative solutions to make a home or business function and feel better. Services range from interior design of homes, offices, restaurants and retail environments to graphics and branding.

Budget Accountability

Knowing your actual budget for a design or remodel project is step one to staying within your budget. Step two is sharing that budget amount with your designer. To create a design that fulfills desires, suits the space and is price appropriate is not possible without budget amounts.


  • Establish your budget. How much can you realistically afford to invest on this project? 

  • Once you determine your budget, meet with your designer, and be honest about how much you are willing to spend. This keeps time from being wasted such as the time wasted if, for example, the designer shows you a $35,000 rug but you only have budget for a $3,500 rug. 

  • Prioritize your wish list. Make a list of items that you believe are worth a bigger investment.

  • Explore options with your designer— is moving that wall worth the price? Can you save some money by reupholstering furniture pieces rather than buying new furniture? Can you opt for less expensive material for flooring and countertops and still obtain what works and makes you happy?

  • Communicate with your designer often. The designer will have suggestions to help you stay on track with your budget while creating a space that functions well and that you love. The process can be quite enjoyable if everyone is on the same page.

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