Renewing Without Completely Remodeling


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Design tip from Joanne Levreault, Allied Member ASID

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JEL Design creates solutions in both residential and commercial spaces. Owner Joanne Levreault has been an active student and professional allied member of ASID since 2006.

Renewing Without Completely Remodeling 

As summer comes to an end and fall approaches, we begin to spend less time outside at the beaches and parks and more time indoors. Here’s how to refresh interior spaces for the upcoming months — without completely remodeling.


First, consider a color scheme. Choose three complimentary interior wall colors that appeal to you and your home. You might decide to keep one or all of the colors in the existing palette. If you opt to keep all of them, you may need just a touch up to enliven the environment. Perhaps you want completely different colors, or maybe you just want to go a shade lighter or darker. You might consider adding texture or a design element such as stripes or shapes to create visual interest.


In addition to painting, you may want to install crown and floor-base molding to add extra detail. When you paint the trim, you can choose bright white for vibrancy, a warm, neutral that complements the room’s wall color and the overall concept of the area, or a contrasting color from the walls to draw attention to a decorative trim. 


Next, consider the floors. Existing wood flooring may need to be refinished, carpeting may need to be replaced or perhaps it’s time to switch out the old linoleum to tile.

Floor options are endless, from engineered to reclaimed wood flooring, from area rugs to carpet tiles and an array of floor tiles in unique sizes, all adding character to the space. When choosing the appropriate floor material consider: other design details throughout the space including your color palette; how the area is used; whether it is a high- or low-traffic area; whether you want utilitarian or decorative materials; how much maintenance the materials require; how durable the materials are. 


Lastly, finish the space and make it your own by accessorizing to reflect your personal interests and character. Accessories can cover a vast amount of items including artwork, lighting, case goods, pillows and throws, decorative pieces and greenery. Some of the pieces you choose can contain your palette’s third color. Refinish frames, add a collage of personal art to the walls, uncover and display a family heirloom or pieces from your travels, change your lamp shades, add a new light fixture. To complete the space, include an element of nature. And don’t forget to have fun!

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