Kitchen Remodels


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Design tip from Renae Farley, ASID

Renae Farley Designs


Renae Farley has been a part of the San Diego design community for more than 27 years. She also has designed homes for clients in Alaska and Sedona. Her work is primarily high-end residential. You can view one of her projects during the 2012 ASID Kitchen & Bath tour taking place from 9 a.m. to 5 p.m. on October 27. For tour and ticket information, please visit the local ASID website at

Kitchen Remodels

Have you been looking forward to finally creating that cook’s space of your dreams? Although it can be exciting to embark on a kitchen makeover, it can also be a major headache that’s time consuming and overwhelming. Here are just a few tips to help make the task less daunting:

  • While it depends on the scope of work, be prepared for a two- to three-month project. 

  • Make the transition as comfortable as possible by setting up a temporary kitchen. A garage or laundry room can be an ideal location for a microwave oven, apartment-size fridge (or, if you’re getting a new fridge, your old one can go here temporarily), toaster oven, toaster, hot plate — you get the idea. If you’re doing your remodel during warmer months, your outdoor barbecue could become your new best friend.  

  • Don’t tear out your existing kitchen until new cabinets and appliances are on site. And tear out the sink last — you’re going to need it. 

  • Keep dust and noise at a minimum with plastic sheeting. 

  • Communicate with your contractor: Use a chalkboard for daily communication; exchange e-mail addresses and phone numbers; tell them up front about your house rules (smoking, loud music, available bathrooms, parking instructions).

  • Hire a designer. They’ll assess your requirements, advise you on products, deal with the contractors, etc. Using a designer keeps stress at a lower level and ensures that your dream kitchen becomes a reality, done right the first time.


    Photo caption: Kitchen by Renae Farley Designs

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