Wreath Color and Pizzazz Elements

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Garden tip from Wreaths for All Seasons by James T. Farmer III, Gibbs Smith, hardcover, $24.99 (available September)


In Wreaths for All Seasons, James Farmer, author and Southern Living’s editor-at-large, shares a plethora of ideas on how to use your garden’s bounty to create inspirational, gorgeous wreaths for any season.




Wreath Color and Pizzazz Elements

Wreath bases, such as bay leaf, palmetto, ivy, anise, magnolia, camellia, etc., are in themselves lovely signs of the season, but try another step to add a bit of pizzazz. Adding “pop” elements will make these wreaths come to life and deliver some personality, too.

  • Fruit — sugared, sliced or dried. I love using fruit on wreaths. Often, the inside of the fruit is just luscious in flavor and color appeal; so slice open that pomegranate or grapefruit and show it off.
  • Flowers — All one type of flower — such as roses, carnations, hydrangeas or lilies — or used as an accent. Dried flowers are great, too, giving us mementos of the previous growing season.

  • Herbs — Rosemary, lavender and sages look great fresh and dried for wreaths. Try a wreath of all dried lavender — it will be divine! Cinnamon sticks are aromatic add-ons, too.

  • Seedpods and cones — I love to use pinecones as accents and entire wreaths, too. Lotus pods are a favorite as well.

  • Fungi — Preserved shelf mushrooms, lichens and sponge mushrooms are available at most craft and floral suppliers. These make a fantastic addition to any wreath or as a wreath themselves.

  • Berries — Holly, eucalyptus, privet, ligustrum, beautyberry, rose hips, nandina, “popcorn” tree and more are marvelous choices for a wreath.

  • Seashells — Whether a wreath is made totally of shells or accented with a few, I love this nautical nod, especially during the summer months.

  • Found Objects — A bird’s nest, a wasp nest, twigs with moss, old pulleys, bits of driftwood or a feather or two make your wreath personal and personable.

  • Be creative with your wreath greenery and pops, too. Let the seasons speak to you and inspire your creations.

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