Design Challenge Solutions for Small Kitchens


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Design tip from Terri Parsons, Principal Interior Designer, Allied Member ASID, NKBA

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Design Challenge Solutions for Small Kitchens

Some homeowners may think larger kitchens are tough to tackle, but small kitchens present their own distinct set of challenges including: providing enough storage; making the space work for cooking and entertaining; bringing in natural light (especially difficult in condominiums and row houses). 

Here are some solutions:


  • Create built-in storage wherever you can including: under staircases and countertops, inside islands and overlooked nooks, atop slim refrigerators and drawer dishwashers.
  • Add flexibility with an island — especially one that is moveable to accommodate different situations. An island can serve as a dining table, prep surface, homework area, bill-paying station and as a desktop/computer space.
  • Open up the kitchen to other spaces to bring in light; use reflective or translucent surfaces to help retain light.
  • Install high ceilings and use minimal material palettes — two time-honored ways that work particularly well in a kitchen to make a small room feel larger.
  • Separate the kitchen from a living or dining area — without cutting it off from those spaces — through thoughtful ceiling and/or floor treatments.

Pictured right: Carlsbad kitchen remodel designed by Anne Parsons InteriorsRanch 003 J

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