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AFTER A LONG DAY AT WORK, you’re looking forward to getting home and settling into that cozy, white chenille sofa you just bought. It was expensive, but so comfy it was well worth the money. You slip your keys into the front door, turn the latch and step into the foyer, expecting to be greeted by your ever-faithful watchdog and best friend, Reilly.  But, to your amazement, your Irish red-and-white setter is not there. He always welcomes you home! Where could he be?

You walk into the living room, and yes, you have found Reilly. He’s sound asleep on his back, snoring, and his front paws are on the move, which means he’s probably dreaming about chasing rabbits. Cute picture — except that he’s on your new $$$$ couch! Plus, it looks like he’s used the doggie door and brought some of his outdoor adventures back inside with him. He is covered with newly cut grass, and ugh, what’s that smell? Plant fertilizer?

It’s time to get Reilly his own couch. He’ll be happier and so will you. Choosing your pet’s couch may not be as much fun as choosing your own couch, but here are some tips to make it easier:

Size Counts
Make sure the couch you choose accommodates the size of your pet.

Circle Back
How does your dog like to sleep? Curled up in a circle? Stretched out on his back? Or maybe he likes to stick his head under a cushion, pretending he’s in a cave. Look for a couch that matches his lifestyle.

Décor Decisions
If you’ve spent the time, money and effort to create an ambience in your home that you love, you won’t be happy if your pup’s couch/bed doesn’t match your interior 

Fill Her Up
Look for virgin fiberfill for your pet couch. Make sure the foam or fill is thick, provides perfect weight distribution and is labeled “Made in America” (fill from some other countries may contain questionable chemicals that can make your pet sick). 

Fab Fabrics
Dog beds come in a variety of fabrics such as cotton, silk, canvas, denim and polyester. Base your choice on the dog breed and the climatic conditions. Longhaired dogs will need breathable fabrics such as cotton or canvas to prevent additional heat build up. Shorthaired dogs need more heat and prefer fleece or fur. 

Look for stain-resistant fabric and apply antibacterial Scotch Guard (or another treatment that is processed with an eco-friendly formula) for extra protection.

Cover Up
Buy removable covers that can be thrown into the washer. Also, buy a soft cozy blanket as a throw, which is another item that can be thrown into the washer. 

Senior Citizens
If you have an older dog, buying an orthopedic couch/bed is mandatory for long-term health. This will help prevent things like hip dysplasia, arthritis, elbow disease, intervertebral disc disease and many other skeletal issues. 



Shop Stop

Bessie + Barnie was founded by a group of fashion executives who created a design collection with fabrics to match any décor.

Doctors Foster and Smith has a large selection of dog beds, orthopedic pads, bolster beds and heated beds.

Mammoth carries dog beds that are vet recommended and are geared toward older and larger dogs. 

Muttropolis, right here in San Diego, carries Trellis, Veranda and Citrus outdoor beds, all of which are mold and mildew free, waterproof and very “styling.”

West Paw Design has an organic bumper bed made with a removable, machine-washable, organic-cotton cover that comes in an array of colors. Free of pesticides and chemical fertilizers, the IntelliLoft cushion used on the inside of the bed is made from 100-percent recycled plastic soda bottles. Every part of this bed has been tested for more than 100 potentially harmful substances and was found to be 100-percent safe.


Pet Patrol: By Sandie Lampe



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