Design For That One-of-a-Kind Look


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Gerald Bouvia’s firm, GB3 Design, provides interior design services for designers, decorators and architects. 

Updating a room and want to give it a unique feel that doesn’t look like it’s right off the showroom floor? Here are four ways to get a one-of-a-kind look that doesn’t require a lot of money. You won’t even need to buy new furniture pieces — just use what you already own. 

Bring in The Old
Try repurposing what you have. Move a piece of furniture from one room to another. If the old dresser in your guest room can be updated with new hardware or a coat of paint and serve as your new entry console, do it!    

Lame Set Match
If every room in your house contains matching furniture sets, all the furniture will feature the same visual details and your eyes will move from one piece of furniture to the next, never able to stop and rest. To break up the look and give your eyes a place to pause when surveying the room, take a piece from each set and place them in other rooms. By making these simple changes, you’ll create a more purposeful, restful effect in each room.

All Mixed Up
Don’t be afraid to mix styles: the wicker chair from the porch or the heirloom antique buffet from the dining room might look fabulous in your contemporary family room. 

Axe The Accepted
Another design technique that you don’t need to be afraid of is using pieces in an unconventional way. Why not use a secretary or desk as your nightstand? Or, maybe take that dresser and use it as a buffet in the kitchen or dining room.  


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