Maintaining Ponds

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Garden tip from Gardening Month By Month by Ian Spence, DK Publishers, $14.95



This guidebook is a checklist for gardeners to keep on top of routine jobs throughout the year. Each month the tasks gardeners need to carry out are listed to help them plan their time and work out their priorities. 


Maintaining Ponds

During hot weather, keep an eye on the water level in ponds, especially if you have fish. Water can evaporate from the pond at an alarming rate during warmer spells. Top off with a hose as often as necessary.

At the same time, keep watch over fish, because if the water is still and the level drops, they may be starved of oxygen. Fish in difficulties will rise to the surface and gulp for air, just as we would. Spray the pond with a jet of water to put some oxygen into the water. It may be worth installing a feature such as a small waterfall or a fountain to keep the water moving and oxygen levels high. 

Oxygenating plants in the pond will have to be thinned as they can take over the pond completely. Pull them out with a rake and leave by the side of the pond to dry out, and to allow any creatures hiding in them to escape back into the pond. The plants can then be added to the compost pile.

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