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San Diego Life: By Ron Donoho

THERE’S NO SUCH THING as a typical day for KUSI-TV roving reporter Mike Castellucci. At the end of a week when he sat down to be on the receiving end of an interview, the genial, self-effacing and usually deadpanned Castellucci recalled that he’d just been broadcast:

covered in heavy stage makeup and wearing a full-length wig to hang out with the visiting cast of Rock of Ages;

 spending the morning at a tchotchke exhibition at the San Diego Convention Center;

wearing 16 different uniforms worn over the years by the San Diego Padres;

emcee-ing a fashion show at the Salvation Army.

“It’s important to get out into the community,” he says. “That’s the philosophy at KUSI. I like to shine a spotlight on ordinary people and places, because there’s an extraordinary story inside everybody and everything.”

A native of a small town in Colorado, Castellucci graduated from Northern Colorado University and gravitated from radio work to TV jobs at various in-state stations. 

A lucky break landed him a gig at KUSI [whose parent company also owns San Diego Home/Garden Lifestyles]. His first stint in San Diego was 1993-98. From 1998-2002 he taped “Our Man Mike” interviews for KCBS in Los Angeles. After six years of morning TV in Dallas, Castellucci came back to Good Morning San Diego in 2008.

One of his calling cards is an “outdoor office.” He literally sets up a desk (accessorized with rotary phone and lava lamp) at the end of a pier in Tuna Harbor, near Seaport Village.

“People seem to like to be interviewed there,” he says, feigning surprise that anyone might find that an unusual location.

Castellucci is also a key member of KUSI Sports’ “Prep Pigskin Report.” During football season he shows up at local high schools at 6 a.m. and moderates the always-noisy  “Alarm Clock Pep Rally.”

Asked to name the favorite story he’s ever reported, Castellucci blanks momentarily. “Well,” he finally says, “I flew with the Blue Angels. It’s not my favorite story, because I blacked out and puked. But it was certainly memorable.”

Back to you guys in the studio… 

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