Plant a Gourmet Garden Fig



Garden Planner: By Mary James

Plant a Gourmet Garden Fig


Enjoy both a gorgeous addition to the landscape and delectable fresh fruit in summer by planting a fig tree. These handsome deciduous trees with deeply lobed leaves and pale-grey bark thrive in a sunny site with low water once established.

Fast growing to 20 feet tall and wide, they can be pruned short for easy harvesting. Gophers like fig roots, so plant in a container or surround the roots with chicken wire if planting in the ground. ‘Mission’ or ‘Black Jack’, both with black skin and pink flesh, are tried and true varieties for area gardens. Others to seek out include green-skinned ‘Genoa’ for coastal gardens and showy ‘Panachee’ with striped skin and sweet, deep-red flesh. Harvest when fruit is soft; it won’t ripen off the tree. 

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