Image Slider Demonstration

Kasey and Ron,


This is how you add rotating images to articles or module positions:

1) from the admin interface, go to Content/Media Manager

2) create a folder for the images – remember what you call it

3) upload the images you want to post (to do a lot of them and if you don’t need captions, use an sftp tool – see separate instructions)

*** jump to step 9 if you uploaded a lot of files using an sftp tool ***

4) pulldown Components

5) choose DJ-ImageSlider, categories

6) create the category for grouping the images – it’s best if you use the same name you used for the folder in step 2

7) Choose the Slides tab

8) Select the images from the folder and set any parameters you’ve chosen.

9)  go to Extensions/Modules

10) create a new module from DJ-ImageSlider and give it a name you’ll recognize later

 – if you used the Component to load images, set the category

 – if you loaded files using an sftp tool, set the folder where you loadd them

 – don’t set the module position if you plan to place the module in an article

*** if you want to place the slider image in a module position, do that in the module and you’re done ***

11) create a new article

12) press Insert Module

13) Choose the DJ-Slider module you created in step 10

14) Save and link the article to a menu


{module DJ-Image Slider}

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