Grow Vining Veggies for Containers

Grow Vining Veggies for Containers


GARDENERS HAVE ASKED, and seed producers are delivering compact versions of popular vegetables. These space-savers, says Burpee product manager Chelsey Fields, are bred to offer superior flavor, yield and disease resistance. All will flourish in containers on a sunny patio or balcony.


Salad Bush Hybrid Cucumber: This prolific All-America Selections winner takes up one-third the space of traditional cu-cumber vines.


Fairy Tale Eggplant: Clusters of slender, purple and white marbled fruit hang
on this compact vine only 18 inches tall and 12 inches wide. All-America Selections winner.


Gourmet Gold Hybrid Squash: This 3-foot tall and wide bush squash yields bright-yellow fruit. Virus resistant.


Bush Sugar Baby Watermelon: Each vine spreads less than 4 feet while producing two 12-pound icebox melons with crisp red flesh.


Small Sugar Pumpkin: This heirloom produces 5- to 8-pound fruit on vines that spread about 4 feet. Ideal for pies.

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