Hamptons West in La Jolla

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Hamptons West in La Jolla


WHAT EXACTLY IS HAMPTONS’ STYLE? Think Something’s Gotta Give, the 2003 romantic comedy starring Diane -Keaton and Jack Nicholson. That may have been the -inspiration for the remodel of a home at La Jolla Shores owned by a family of five originally from the Midwest.

The master bathroom was only one space of many in the house reimagined by architect Ione Stiegler and project manager Brandy Dewhurst. Their plan, Stiegler says, was “to make each space in the house cohesive, but individual within itself.”

The master bathroom remodel involved “a lot of tile, a lot of detailing,” Dewhurst says.

“They wished for a kind of spa look,” Stiegler adds.

Stiegler and Dewhurst employed basket-weave marble tile flooring bordered in a white Thassos rectangular tile. The dark wood of the cabinet, and on the face of the tub, serve as a contrast to the light-colored wainscot. A mirrored vanity beneath an airy window is the bathroom’s focal point. The pendants overhead provide light and elegance.

For singing in the shower, there’s a speaker mounted in its ceiling.

Judge Kellie McCormick praises the project’s “nice mix of materials and contrast.”

Stiegler and Dewhurst benefited from clients actively involved in the process. “The wife has a historic preservation background,” Stiegler says, “and because of that I think a keen eye for detail.

“There are a lot of things we can make beautiful, but we want to give the client the look that they want,” she says. “We want to help them get to where they want to be.”

In this case, perhaps, that’s the Hamptons West.

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