Edible-Flower Combos


Garden Planner by Mary James


Eye-popping edible-flower combos…


THE HEART OF EDIBLE LANDSCAPING is an artful mash-up of vegetables, herbs and flowers. After more than 25 years as a passionate pioneer of this gardening approach, Rosalind Creasy has an eye for picture-perfect combos for beds, borders and containers. Here are some favorites from her landmark book Edible Landscaping (Sierra Club Books, $39.95):


Pimento or red cherry peppers planted among red coleus or in front of the silvery green culinary sage (Salvia officinalis) edged with a row of dwarf red salvia.


Intense red-leaved ‘Bull’s Blood’ beets mixed with white alyssum.


Pink ‘Angel Face’ roses blended with white- and pink-blossomed scented geraniums and lavender-pink-flowered chives. For contrast add green-gold ‘Icterina’ sage.


Yellow zucchini like ‘Golden Dawn’ inter-planted with large yellow dahlias bordered by red-orange species zinnias.


Deep green collards and bush winter squashes surrounded by large pink cosmos and edged with vibrant purple verbena.


Ruffle-leaved Savoy cabbage, chartreuse kale and collards interspersed with gold-flecked red coleus and backed with dusky-leaved, red-flowering cannas.


Learn more about edible landscaping on March 17 and 18 when Creasy will share design tips and sign her book at the San Diego Botanic Garden’s annual Herb Festival, Plant Sale and Tomato-mania. For details, call 760-436-3036.

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