Bathed In Light

Kitchens/Baths: By Eva Ditler Photography by Martin Mann


Bathed In Light


Reflections bedazzle a condo guest bath…


It’s the striking rectangular glass vessel sink with aquas and greens and swirls of copper that makes one forget that this downtown condo guest bath is small and windowless. The vessel catches the light from saucer-shaped crystal pendants, bounces the shimmer onto bronze faucets, and reflects through the glass to the copper vanity underneath.


“The sink was our starting point,” says interior designer Diane Quintin. “My client wanted the room, which is right off the foyer, to be very dramatic and she fell in love with this sink, which is handmade by a glass artisan.”


Copper tones from the sink became the inspiration for a bath swathed in jeweled hues. “Jewel tones are very much the colors of today,” says Quintin.


The custom vanity was sized to complement the sink. Its embossed copper has a stamped, square pattern. “The cabinet is done in a copper that has been aged, so it has a lot of gray tones to it,” she says.


The gray is picked up in the flooring, which has a silver finish. “It is almost striated with silver,” says Quintin. “It’s very organic and the silver just sweeps across the tile. We did that so when we put lighting underneath the wall-hung vanity cabinet, the silver would pick up the light and create a little more interest in the floor.”


The floor tile is a 12-inch-by-24-inch format, which is repeated in the glass tile of the tub surround. Irridescent, this tile reflects eggplant, plum and copper colors, depending on the light.


The light may change the colors and mood of this bath, but the stylish glamour remains constant. 

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