Tangerine Trend

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Design tip from Deborah Wecselman

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Pantone recently announced the punchy shade of Tangerine Tango as the anticipated hue of 2012. Dramatic reddish orange reflects positive energy and warmth; however, for some, it may be too bright and on the cheery side. Here are designer Deborah Wecselman’s tips on adding pop without disappointment:


Go all out: If you are in love with the Pantone suggestion, go all out and coat an entire room with walls of tangerine. Add a few neutral accents (taupe, brown, khaki or cream) to soften the shade.


Ablaze in the bedroom: Mix the shade with patterns and basic white to break up the space. To add modernity to your personal space blend it with other bright hues such as avocado, saffron or fuchsia.


Subtle themes: If you require subtlety with bright accessories, tie in color with accent pieces — chairs, abstract décor and toss pillows. A tangerine hue is very complementary with blues and browns. 


Shade simplicity: If more than one piece in tangerine is one too many, use a piece of décor such as coral table accents, throws neatly folded onto couches and chairs or tangerine towels in the bathroom.

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