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Garden tip from Harry Thompson

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April saw more plants flowering than any other time of the year in Southern California gardens. Generally in May and June, the temperatures continue to rise and plants are growing at an alarming rate. We often have small areas to work within, but we want a big impact.

Excellent plant solutions, that are often overlooked, are flowering vines. They grow more vertical than typical shrubs and can provide depth and interest to a small space or screen an unsightly fence or wall.


A few good vine options to plant now are:

Distictis buccinatoria — Red Trumpet Vine: Trumpet-shaped orange/red flower continues blooming throughout the summer; attracts hummingbirds; tolerates sun or partial shade.

Pandorea jasminoides — Bower Vine: Australian plant that loves the sun; flowers multiple times per year; fragrant blooms in pink and white.

Passiflora — Passion Vine: Unique and exotic flower unlike any other; vigorous grower; attracts butterflies; ornamental and fruiting varieties available.

Trachelospermum jasminoides — Star Jasmine (shown): White flower with sweet fragrance; tolerates sun or part shade; drought-tolerant.

Lonicera hildebrandiana — Burmese Honeysuckle: Fast-growing; well suited for covering walls and arbors; fragrant yellow and white flowers, spring through fall; sweet nectar attracts hummingbirds.

Thunbergia alata — Black-eyed Susan: Bright-yellow flower with black “eye” center; climbs to 8 feet; has flowing growth habit.

Solandra maxima — Cup of Gold: Large cup-shaped yellow flowers; glossy leaves; fast-sprawling vine to 40 feet.

Wisteria sinensis —Chinese Wisteria: Hardy and fast-growing; draping clusters of fragrant purple and white flowers.

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