Metallic Accents in the Home


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Design tip from Deborah Wecselman

DWD Inc.

Deborah Wecselman was born in Lima, Peru, and began her formal training as design associate in the store development department at Polo Ralph Lauren.  She quickly rose to senior director of international store design, where she was responsible for the creation of more than 5,000 international shops and stores. In 2000, Deborah established DWD Inc., a small firm that provides clients with interior and architectural design. 


Lustrous wall items, lighting and table accents intimidate most consumers because they are afraid that if they incorporate metals into their rooms they will transform them into intergalactic spaceships.

Not necessarily so, says designer Deborah Wecselman. “Metallic accents are not of-the-moment trends. They can be traditional elements that add high-shine and a feeling of opulence to any space within your home.” 

Here are a few of Wecselman’s tips on how to bring new light into your home with mega-watt metallic pieces:

  • Add just a few striking accents of metal to give your space a clean and minimalist feel. Try a silver-polished tripod in a lounging area or platinum shimmy curtains to adorn a faux fireplace.
  • Purchase one standout key piece as the headlining embellishment in the room.  Try a twisted-pretzel-shaped bronze table, a three-dimensional mirror or wall art with a metal frame.
  • Bring old chairs, chaises, couches and ottomans back to life by adding platinum, gold, bronze or silver grommets. Refurbishing upholstered items with metallic accenting details, such as metallic arms and feet, can lend an antiquated appearance.
  • Place a speckled-silver piece of wall art at the end of a hallway as a focal point. The metal not only acts like a light at the end of a tunnel, it will visually open up the space.
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