Accessorizing 101: Reuse, Redo, Re-accessorize

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Reality shows have saturated television programming, especially in the area of home design. It makes compelling television viewing to watch a professional recreate a high-end designer room on a budget or secretly call in a design team to remake a room as a surprise for a loved one.

But these “reality” shows are not real. They do little to showcase the benefits of working with professional interior designers. Many of the hosts do not have a formal education or professional background in interior design, architecture or general contracting. Those that do would be the first to tell you that the magical world of television is far different from the real world of interior design, where good results require careful planning, patience and realistic expectations.


For example, a design project on a television show may have a $1,000 budget but that amount doesn’t include the cost of hiring professional labor. The shows have a staff that makes sure inexpensive supplies are rendered into aesthetically pleasing furniture, accessories, window treatments and wall coverings but this doesn’t mean the end result is functional, practical or safe.


Creating unrealistic expectations of time to complete a project and price on these shows can lead to disappointment in real life. Your regret can turn to delight though, if you take the time to find and hire the right professional interior designer who will develop a design solution and practical budget specific to your needs.


Qualified interior designers are creative problem solvers who can analyze lifestyles, optimize traffic flow, organize and effectively use available spaces, select color palettes and interpret personal preferences. You’ll be surprised at how little designer fees add to the overall renovation budget, especially when you factor in eliminating the risk of costly mistakes.


Television decorating shows have made the world of design approachable to a broad audience but it’s best to view these “reality” shows as a source of motivation and fun. When it comes to real life, work with a professional interior designer to create a home you can live in and enjoy for years to come.

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