Accessorizing 101: Reuse, Redo, Re-accessorize

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Neil Tabiu
Neil Alan Designs


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Ever hear the saying that accessories can make or break the outfit? The same holds true for your home. An updated lamp shade, art frame and re-filled pillow grouping can “make” the look and feel of your home without “breaking” the bank. Before heading out to your local home-furnishings store for yet another accessory, here are some simple tips to remember. You just might be able to reuse, redo and re-accessorize.


Refill and re-fluff

Nothing looks less appealing and inviting than a lifeless pillow. Replace and refill deflated and flattened pillows with a feather/down combination for a longer lasting body and fluffiness.


Give it a new shade

Replace old, faded and out of style lamp shades with a new and more contemporary shade. Consider neutral colored fabric or paper for an updated look.


Bring in a touch of nature

Whether a single succulent grouping, a fresh floral arrangement and/or a potted plant, nothing brings more life to a space than a touch of nature. Consider preserved greens that require no water and little or no upkeep.


Group it together

Placing smaller accessories throughout a space can appear scattered and disorganized. Use trays, bowls and dishes to house smaller collectibles and accessories.


Same art, new frame

Reframe old canvas paintings, prints and even family pictures. Consider new matting with paper or fabric and a floating technique for more depth and interest. Even think about a wider mat and frame to increase the overall scale of the piece.

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