Front Door Call

Knock, Knock: This Is No Joke


When one door closes they say another one opens. Well now, opportunity is knocking. San Diego Home/Garden Lifestyles is looking for the region’s most interesting front doors. Send us a great photo, and your door might wind up in the pages of our magazine. “Front Door” is actually the name of the magazine’s front-of-the-book section of short takes. Front Door includes hot interior finds, expert advice on home design and lots of other cool stuff. The section also is opened each month by a stylish shot of an actual front door. (Magazine folk can be a very literal lot, can’t we?) Here’s where you come in… Take a photograph of a colorful, decorative, impressive or otherwise picture-friendly door. If you like, add women, children, pets or props. Or, don’t. Email those entranceway shots to editor Ron Donoho ( Provide as much information possible about the door, and give us ample contact information. All photos will be given consideration to run as a Front Door front door in an upcoming issue. The keys are in your hands.

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