Welcome to the Waterfront

2011 NKBA Star Awards Large Kitchen Winner

By Ron Donoho Photograph by Brent Haywood

Welcome to the Waterfront

As a parent, it’s fulfilling to see the kids leave the security net of your home-stead. And so with the offspring hitting legal age and a certain level of maturity, it was time for one couple to pursue a dream-home design that fit their new lifestyle. Lisa Wilson-Wirth of Arclinea San Diego says her clients bought a waterfront lot and waited 15 years to actualize their ideal residence.

The dilemma: Should the project be Mexican hacienda, or more of a Tuscan villa style?

What emerged was a compromise. Anchored by the kitchen, the coastal home includes the warmth of a typical Mexican household as well as sophisticated finishes found in modern European interiors.

“We looked for architectural solutions that allow for openness and/or privacy on demand,” says Wilson-Wirth.

Especially in the kitchen, workflow is planned and accommodated, with a working island outfitted for an avid cook and complemented by a secondary prep counter and spacious wet-work zone.

Finishes mesh with the surrounding boating community (FSC-certified teak and stainless steel), and are also tempered with Mexican stone and natural honed Italian marble.

The new home and kitchen are well suited for family gatherings and entertainment. Day-to-day living can spill from the kitchen to the living room (because even though the kids are out of the house, they’re welcome back anytime for meals).

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