The Perfect Holiday Gift

Expert Advice: By Phyllis Van Doren

The Perfect Holiday Gift
Finding the perfect gift during the hectic holiday season is a creative adventure. We snooped into the shopping habits of several designers to see how they survive, and then asked what they had on their own wish list.

I love to fit the gift to the person, perfectly, something they’d never buy for themselves. Anything from tickets to a great ballgame or a gift certificate for time in a recording studio to a beautiful candle, might be my choice. It’s not the price but the meaning that is important.

I love to shop and have a gift cabinet where I can store gifts I find throughout the year. I also love the thrill of last-minute shopping when the air is crisp, and there’s Christmas music, crowds and lots of décor in the shops.

My dream gift to receive now is the gift of time — it goes by faster and faster. If that’s not possible, I’ll settle for even a day or a week at a luxurious spa. When I was two, I got a puppy but my favorite present was the magic my parents arranged of having Santa come to our front door each year.

— Robin Wilson Carrier, Asid
Robin Wilson Interior Design

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