10 Things to Do in the Garden in October

According to the experts...

Whether you are planting a fall garden or are putting your garden to bed for the season, here’s what to do in October:

Tuck cool-season veggies into existing beds. Decorative kale varieties include ‘Toscano,’ purple-stemmed ‘Red Russian’ and purple-leafed ‘Red Bor.’ Plant in sun or partial shade and water moderately.

Refresh your containers with fall blooms!

During a cool spell dig up the roots and divide perennials like daylilies, alstroemerias, clivia and more with a sharp knife or shovel. Replant them immediately.

Force paperwhites now to get a blooming bouquet for the holidays. Pick fat, firm bulbs. Fill a container halfway with potting soil, place the bulbs and add soil until only the tips protrude. Water to keep moist—not soggy—and place in a cool, bright spot.

Plant radishes, peas, carrots, beets, spinach, scallions and broccoli—all of which love sunny, cool weather.

Visit specialty nurseries for dark foliage flowers and add ‘Dark Shadows,’ ‘Pennie Black,’ ‘Zwartkop’ and ‘Plum Purdy’ now.

If your oleanders fell victim to leaf scorch this summer, replace the hedge with purple hop bush, lavender starflower or ‘Long John.’

Refresh your containers with fall blooms.

Plant culinary sage (Salvia officinalis) in sharp- draining soil in a sunny spot.

Adjust irrigation timers to water as long but not as often as in the summer.

Remove leaves and other debris from gutters.

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