Please Don’t Pick the Daisies


Please Don’t Pick the Daisies

On April 6, the San Diego Horticultural Society kicks off San Diego’s spring garden tour season with visits to seven beautiful, diverse Poway gardens. (Among them are two Gardens of the Year winners featured in San Diego Home/Garden Lifestyles magazine in 2010 and 2011.) Before tour season ends in mid-May, 15 tours will invite peeks into dozens of gardens around the county.

As you wander garden paths, here’s some simple etiquette to make the day memorable for you — and the garden host. 

  • Don’t arrive early and ask to enter before the tour officially starts. Many gardener hosts are busy with last-minute preparations.
  • Park your car in designated areas. There’s no reason to risk a citation or anger the hosts’ neighbors.
  • While some tours have water for sale, it’s best to bring your own supply. Also remember to wear walking shoes and a hat.
  • Resist the temptation to pull a “weed.” It may be the owner’s favorite rarity.
  • Never, never “pinch” or take cuttings or seeds. Instead, ask the garden host for the name of the plant and where to find it.
  • Stay on garden paths and follow the tour route. This protects you, fellow visitors and the homeowner’s landscape.
  • Remember, it’s the garden — not the home — that is open. Don’t peek in windows, wander inside through open doors or ask to use the restroom.
  • If children are allowed and you bring yours along, monitor their behavior: No running, picking flowers, climbing trees, etc.
  • Before you leave, take a moment to thank the host. Most have worked for months to be sure your garden visit is enjoyable.

For more information on the San Diego Horticultural Society’s tour and to purchase tickets, visit For a complete list of area garden tours, see below.

Mary James