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Adept design does big things does big things for a small space

EVEN THOUGH IT’S off the master bedroom, is it fair to refer to a 92-square-foot bathroom with one vanity and fuddy-duddy fluorescent lighting as a master bath?
Maybe not; but now that Anita Dawson has updated this still-tiny space, the room deserves all that the title implies.

“My clients wanted to create an inviting, spa-like bath that was very easy to maintain and that complemented the organic feel of their whole-house remodel,” Anita says.

To that end, a glass backsplash, porcelain floor tiles and quartz counters were selected. The sea glass, basket-weave backsplash and smooth-stone shower floor added texture and a sense of nature to the scheme.
“The homeowners also requested a bath that would not date too quickly; that is, nothing too trendy, but something more than just neutral.” The color palette’s calm undertone — a sophisticated hue between gray and beige — stands the test of time and fits the bill. Caesarstone counters are white.

“I love bright white counters in baths,” the designer says. “They provide a great contrast with wood vanities and always feel clean and fresh.”

She expanded the space without adding square footage
by raising the ceiling, adding mirrors on both sides of the room and replacing a fiberglass shower enclosure with a frameless shower. Removing a partition wall also added an airier spirit, and replacing a door to the side yard with a large window revived the room with natural light. A big bonus for the homeowners was a second vanity, which was achieved by removing 6 feet of closet space across from the vanity.

“The bath is still small,” Anita says, “but each element works together to create a nice room as a whole.”

Kitchens/Baths: By Eva Ditler • Photography by Brady Architectural Photography

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Turf & Surf


Having predominantly spent my formative years in the Midwest, the opportunities to go surfing were so few and far between that they were, essentially, nonexistent. The closest I got to the sport was watching Gidget movies at the drive-in.

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