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Tell me this hasn’t happened to you: Just as you shut the door to your house or car, you realize you left your keys inside. Now you’re locked out. Oh, shoot!

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I had many “Oh, shoot!” moments this week. It started on Tuesday morning when, just as I exited the fitness center, I realized I didn’t have my coded access card in my hand (or pocket, for that matter). It was 6 a.m. and there was no one around to help me get back in to retrieve it.

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Well, I figured, I could call the management office after it opened; they would find my card and I could pick it up after work. Unfortunately, they didn’t find the card and no one turned it in that day or any subsequent day this week. A replacement card costs $25.

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The same day, I stopped at the grocery store on my way home and realized when I got to my car that I had lost my favorite pair of glasses in the store. Unfortunately, no one turned them in that day or any subsequent day this week. I purchased the glasses some time ago, at which store I do not recall; so I probably won’t be able to find another pair with polka dots on black stems.

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Yesterday, I began my day at the dentist. When I was a child, I ate way too many sugary treats without immediately brushing my teeth. So I had old fillings that were breaking down and had to be replaced. I left the dentist with a numb left jaw and a charge card receipt for $169, neither of which had positive effects on my mood.

I was scheduled to meet SDH/GL photographer Martin Mann at The Marine Room in La Jolla for a photo shoot at 4:30 p.m. I had forgotten my GPS, so I printed out directions from Mapquest. Unfortunately, the street where I needed to turn was not marked as indicated in the directions and I ended up “aimlessly” driving around, finally arriving 15 minutes late.

I entered the restaurant frustrated and a bit dispirited. But as soon as I saw the surrounding view from the large glass windows, a Bob Marley feeling — “Don’t worry ‘bout a thing, because every little thing gonna be alright” — swept over me. The Marine Room sits right on the water, and I could see people enjoying the surf on kayaks and on the beach. With a corner table providing views of the ocean in two directions, the photo shoot setup looked better than I had envisioned (see photo above).

We were shooting sommelier Lisa Redwine (she chose her profession before marrying someone with an apropos surname) pouring wine for a Cheers article in our September issue. At the conclusion of the shoot, Lisa said they couldn’t serve the opened wine and offered Marty and I each a glass.

I was happy to wait out rush-hour traffic. We took our wine to the bar and ordered appetizers. Mine was a Maine diver scallop and Baja prawn with quinoa, dragon fruit, a lacy brioche slice and an herb-stuffed lychee on absinthe saffron foam. As surprising as this may sound, this was not what I had planned to make at home for dinner (even without absinthe saffron foam).

Feeling better than I had all week, I left The Marine Room and headed home. Unfortunately, I didn’t even have assistance from Mapquest and missed no fewer than three exits — taking me about 10 miles out of my way.

When I finally got in, I called my best friend, who let me rant, sympathized and then with a voice of calm reasoning helped me put things into perspective. Yes, I had a frustrating and dispiriting drive home, but I had just come from a “quintessential” San Diego experience of taking in the best of what’s out there and meeting nice people like Lisa and bartender Everett Popadak.

So, “This is my message to you: … Every little thing gonna be all right.”

Janice Kleinschmidt

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I first heard about the University of San Diego’s Women PeaceMakers program in 2010 from Sigrid Tornquist, an editor and writer from Minnesota. Each year since 2003, the program has selected four women peacemakers from around the world for an eight-week residency at the John B. Kroc Institute for Peace and Justice. Each is paired with a writer and documentary film team to record her story.
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