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Flowerly Forecast

“April showers bring May flowers” sounds logical, but it’s just a saying — nothing on which to hang your hat (or umbrella). So we are not worried about a lack of significant rain in San Diego over the 30 days separating March and May. We know for a fact that Flower Hill Promenade in Del Mar will be “inBloom” from May 6 through May 28.

The Sipping Point

I am not a saver. I consistently “trash” emails, erase voicemails, purge files, toss papers and otherwise maintain a tidy environment. But I did keep the two-sided menu card from San Diego County Vintners Association’s 2013 Wine & Food Festival. At that time, the association had 39 members; it now has 63 — stretching as far north as Rainbow and as far south as Otay Mesa.

Reflections on the Landscape

Mirror, mirror on the … wall, ceiling, roof, post. Artists in a new biennial exhibition have used silver glass to let us experience our natural surroundings — and truly see them — in new contexts.

Hippity Hop Pop

You can expect that St. Patrick’s Day revelers — wearing glittered-cardboard leprechaun hats with shamrocks, drinking green beer and singing “When Irish Eyes are Smiling” — will fill the sidewalks and bars of downtown’s Gaslamp Quarter this Friday evening. I will be in the Gaslamp neighborhood myself; but I’ll be enjoying the unexpected: standing amid brightly colored and larger-than-life rabbits.

Musical Messengers

When people have talent, especially one that makes them rich and famous, they can indulge their own egos. And that’s often what they do. After all, they don’t need to put themselves out for the benefit of other people. Celebrities can get along just fine performing and depositing money in the bank.

Especially Strategic Thinking

In business, especially in terms of management, everyone touts the importance of having a strategy and “strategic alliances.” In sports, a head coach, especially at collegiate and major league levels, without a strategy won’t last a season, if that. Most games, especially those for ages 6 and older, involve strategy, especially Go and Chess.

A Man of Distinction

It’s not every day that you see a 7-foot nutcracker. In fact, the very thought is a bit frightening. But this time of year, the figure that inspired Tchaikovsky to write a ballet can be found in abundance — perhaps never more so than at Adelaide’s in La Jolla.

Bones Zones

If not for the fact that it was The Saturday Night Before Halloween, I might have been taken aback seeing Edward Scissorhands in line for a cocktail at Copley Symphony Hall.

Tour Allure Allura

In the “now why didn’t I think of that?” department comes this bit of information: Homeowners redoing their kitchen sent their old cabinetry to a friend’s home for a “garage update.”

Hunters and Gatherers

From my apartment balcony, I watch the hunters in the sky and my thoughts turn to, “Hide, bunnies!” In the predawn hours when I’m making my way from my apartment to the fitness center, I see the cotton-tailed animals scampering back to their natural habitat. So I know they are there, as do the raptors circling the canyon slope in the daylight hours. I’m sure the birds are looking for rodents and reptiles as well, but I’ve only seen bunny rabbits — and they’re so cute.

Mind Your Beeswax

When I learned that The Museum at California Center for the Arts in Escondido would be presenting an exhibition of encaustic paintings, I recalled my quick-and-small experience with making a work of art with hot beeswax a couple of years ago at the Laguna Design Center in Laguna Niguel, where an encaustic artist had set up an interactive demonstration table.

Counting the Days

In a popularity contest among the 12 months of the year, September apparently would garner the most votes. Certainly frazzled parents eager to see their children back in school would cast their ballots in favor of the 30 days between August and October. Virgos and Libras (though not all of them) would probably lobby for declaring the entire ninth month a national holiday in their conglomerate honor. But I have reason to believe that there’s a much deeper affection for September in San Diego.

The Flamingo Affair

Felix quickly discerned that I had cheated on him during my weekend in Palm Springs. He didn’t say anything, but I could see it in his eyes: “You’ve been with another flamingo!” In fact, I spent time with an entire flock.

Rules of Engagement

When I walk among displays of quality art, whether at a gallery, museum or art fair, the engagement I experience is enough to satisfy my soul and send me home feeling inspired. However, I recognize that many people — especially in this day and age of Pokémon Go — want another layer of interactivity.

Horse Play

Though I still recall the pain of having my arm run over by a golf cart, I was nevertheless enticed by the opportunity to put myself into a somewhat related sporting challenge.

Dishing With Claudia

When attending a PBS event at The Lot in La Jolla this past April, I spied Claudia Sandoval a few gatherings of people away. She happened to be looking my direction, and when I pointed to her and smiled, she returned a similar look of delighted recognition and immediately walked over.

For the Art of Love

When I was searching for something to do after a luncheon in Oceanside over the weekend, someone suggested I view the jewelry exhibit at Oceanside Museum of Art.

Floating Ideas

Though I have recurring nightmares related to leaky roofs (with water-soaked walls “melting” around me) and very little tolerance for submerging my body in frigid surf (have at it, San Diegans), I am, nevertheless, a Pisces.

Maybe I'm Being Catty

I typically am not a reader of how-to books, but one that recently landed on my desk did get my attention. It’s titled The Useful Book: 201 Life Skills They Used to Teach in Home Ec and Shop.

Waxing On

After mostly gray May days, I jumped at the opportunity to spend a Saturday outside when the sun finally proved that it had not, as I was beginning to suspect, been expelled from the Milky Way. I considered hiking, but my calendar informed me that Art on Adams was taking place from noon ‘til night.
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Pioneering Spirit

A Leucadia couple introduce water-wise succulents to an early 20th-century ranch property once home to avocado trees
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