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Succulents in Shady Places

People often ask me which succulents do well in the shade. Unfortunately, most do not. Aloes won’t bloom. Agaves rot out. Cacti become thin and sickly. But there are a few succulents that can do well in shade. And some — such as most members of the Sansevieria family — even prefer it.

Create a Living Wreath

A living wreath can be planted with almost any type of plant or flower, and the combinations of plants and decorations you can use are endless. Here is a list of materials and step-by-step instructions for creating a wreath.

Heavenly Bamboo — Not Bamboo at All!

Natural to areas in China and Japan, Nandina domestica is an ornamental plant that has been sold in San Diego for almost 100 years. Although commonly known as heavenly bamboo because of its many bamboo-like upright stalks, it has no relation to true bamboo.

Starting the Xeriscape Process

Plants For a Hummingbird Garden

Make the Most of the Month

Let a Permaculture Garden Work for You

Garden Tour Etiquette

March in the Garden

Garden Pavers: Choosing a Contractor

Step By Step

Tomato Troubleshooting

2014 Plant Trends

Garden Ease

Create a Succulent Pocket Garden

Watering Your Plants

Spring Rose Care

February in the Garden

Composting Made Easy

Bulbs for Spring Color

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Give A Gift

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