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Baths of the Year: California Calm

Flower power was groovy in 1969. Perhaps that was the reason the master bath of Kristin Gillespie and Christopher Stayzak’s 1969 Point Loma home had walls slathered in floral prints. But in 2015, flower power, like the word groovy, has wilted. And although floral wallpaper still can be stylish, it sometimes doesn’t suit a sleek aesthetic.

Bathtub Selection

Bathtub choices abound for consumers. Haley Davis, product manager with Mansfield Plumbing, provides a list of tub descriptions to help you make a selection.

Heighten Your Home’s Style

Say goodbye to lackluster interiors as renowned interior designer and DIY television personality Taniya Nayak provides this year’s top six trends that are sure to enhance and revive any home.

Questions to Ask During a Remodel

When you are remodeling your home, you want whatever design you choose to be the best it can be, because you will be living with the results for a long time. During the proposal stage, there are questions that should be answered. Here are some of them.

2015 Home of the Year: A Brilliant Star

People at the oceanfront park in Pacific Beach can enjoy front-row views of the surf, but they turn their faces inland to look at something else that captures their eyes.

Add Color to Your Interiors

Oftentimes, homeowners want to keep their décor neutral because they fear bold color will make rooms appear too small and dark or that they will tire of the color. Here are some tips to help you get past neutral shades.

Accentuate the Positive

Accessories are what I consider to be the final layer of a home. The best well-designed interior isn’t complete until you’ve added a few of your favorite things. It’s up to you to decide what and how much you want to bring into your home.

Budget-Friendly Ways to Fix Up Your Home

You don’t have to add a massive renovation to your list of expenses in order to be proud of your home. Rethink typical renovations, and pick smaller projects that yield significant impact. Here are a few enhancements that you can make to your home without spending a fortune.

Peace De Residence

As an artist, Lou Anne Kromschroeder-Davis needs peace and quiet. The constant backup beeps from trucks in the gravel pit below the housewhere she and her husband, Bob, were living interrupted the flow of creativity when she painted.

Secrets of a Stately Home

You don’t need to live in a stately home to enjoy the benefits of centuries of tradition. Little domestic rituals have meaning that go beyond appearance; they forge a link to the past and act as an emotional buoy in today’s rapidly changing world. Here are a few customs worth keeping alive.

Easy Tips to “Green Up” Your Holiday Season

Here are some fun, easy and engaging things you can do with family and friends to keep your holidays green.

Home For The Holidays

An Alpine resident creates a glittering December ambiance. In addition to hosting a 16-guest Christmas dinner, Janie Thomas invited the public to view her flair with celebratory décor during the Alpine Women’s Club Holiday Home Tour last December.

Wood Flooring in a Modern Style

Flooring is the largest design element in any home and can really set the tone for the entire space. Here’s how you can create a clean, modern look with wood flooring.

Color for Your Office

While we all may be drawn to certain colors, a strategic plan is necessary when you want to design an office space that promotes productivity. Here are a few color tips to consider to increase productivity in your office space.

The Right Art For Your Home

When properly chosen, art can add a lot to your home. A work of art, can be a conversation piece or bring in a home’s theme. Here are some tips to guide you.

Keep Your Home in Top Form

Proper care of your house will keep you safe and comfortable for years to come. Here is a basic list from the American Association of Retired Persons to help you create a maintenance plan for your house.

Pick Paint Like a Pro

Paint color can make a huge impact on the overall feel of your home. Selecting the perfect colors involves many elements, including lighting, architectural style and color preferences. Here are some tips to help in your selection.

Pretty, Tidy Drawers

There’s more to keeping kitchen drawers neat and tidy than finding good organizer inserts. Here are some tips for creating order from chaos — and even adding beauty — inside kitchen drawers.

Embody Your Essence at Home

For a house to truly become a home, it must have a soul that mirrors the authenticity and individuality of the homeowner. Here are Karen’s tips to help create a home that reflects your personality.

Storybook English Cottage

A Coronado home blends multiple “personalities”. Four years ago, interior designer Kristin Lomauro-Boom met with homeowners who requested a home that referenced English Tudor design with a cottage-style, curved roof thatched with cedar shingles. For this property right on the bay, the home design further needed to reflect the beach environment of Coronado.
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Looking Up

Four kitchen designs tap into the ceiling
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