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Stars of San Diego: Cathy Breslaw - A Space Odyssey

Pockets of mesh-surrounded air float at the ends of nearly invisible fishing line. Translucent sheets of plastic provide the background for bubble- and cosmos-inspired imagery. Diaphanous panels float in time with slight movements of air, casting soft shadows on the wall. Circular and amoeba-like pools of fabric rest gently on the floor.

Stars of San Diego: Bill Bardick - Into the Woods

Considered to be one of the fathers of the studio furniture movement in America, Tage Frid once said, “Any idiot can get it right the first time, but only a true craftsman can fix their own mistake.”

Double Up

In the ’80s, a black toilet, 4 1/4–inch black tiles and a matching black sunken tub symbolized the height of master-bath masculinity. Although Tony Garcia’s clients wanted some masculine flair in their updated bathroom, these hallmarks dated the space in their Bankers Hill home.

Plot Twist

With the notion to move from Orange County to San Diego County, Marcia and David narrowed down their locale choices to the Baywood Collection in Santaluz and Cielo in Rancho Santa Fe.

A Case of the Blues

To make a standout yard with ordinary materials, sometimes you just need to add color. This bold move to use blue concrete will cost you more than regular concrete, but the payoff is big.

Organize a Small Laundry Area

Organization is key to keeping clutter at bay and facilitating the chore of laundry. Here are a few tips to managing a small laundry room so that it functions well for you.

Holiday Design Trends

Another year of holiday cheer is upon us. Optimism in the air translates to an expansion of holiday color and a proliferation of holiday metallics. Here are holiday trends to inspire and delight in decorations.

Rubber Soul

When guests arrived to view the completion of architect Mark Morris’ remodeled North Pacific Beach home, he charged a quirky corkage fee to attend the celebration — a “toll” that was dropped into a glass-panel wall adjacent to the staircase leading to the second-floor addition.

The Artistic Touch

Some people love their neighbor-hood so much that they simply don’t want to leave. That was the case for Ted Schwarz and Josie Juncal Schwarz, who needed more space for three teenage boys, but wanted to remain in their Carlsbad neighborhood adjacent to the Omni La Costa Champions Golf Course.


After nearly 10 years of start-and-stop planning, Cohn Restaurant Group claims the waterfront spot where the Reuben E. Lee restaurant fell victim to its rusting hulk.

Immersed In Nature

A sea of ceiling-to-floor glass seamlessly connects the Mission Hills home of architects Taal Safdie and Ricardo Rabines to the canyon paradise that’s like a personal aviary in their back yard.

Follow the Leaders

Difficult, typical, cramped, closed off, sad and desperate: Those are words used by local designers describing “before” aspects of residential spaces they’ve remodeled.

Palms Down

Even though Hawaiian style was a favorite for globetrotter clients, the palm-tree stair posts in their newly acquired Escondido home didn’t blow them away. That décor seemed more like a tropical motif for a vacation rental. What they wanted was a sophisticated Hawaiian-inspired theme.

Get Stool Height Right

With a wide variety of stool styles available, choosing one to complement the look of a kitchen or bar area shouldn’t be too difficult. Finding the correct stool height, however, can pose a problem. The optimum seating height is always a 10-inch difference from the counter- or tabletop to the top of the seat. Here’s a vocabulary list to help you get the height right.

Beyond the Pole

Porcelain-tile flooring delineates the kitchen from the dining and living rooms, where wood flooring (a surprise discovery under the carpet) rules. For continuity, porcelain tile also was installed in the back-to-back guest and master bathrooms along a hallway on the east side of the house.

Beauty Before Age

Materials, especially wood and metal, gain their own character after being exposed to the elements year after year.

Unconventional Wisdom

A traditional living room and kitchen belonged to the days when designer Megan Bryan and her husband, architect Bruce Peeling, lived in their Point Loma home as a family with children. Now that the last of the trio of kids —Brian, 38; Sam, 25; and Madeline, 22 — have moved out, Megan and Bruce have loosened conventional notions of what their living spaces should be.

Frames of Mind

Framing can make or break a work of art, be it a painting, photograph or sketch. The right frame can add value to the finished piece or, to the chagrin of many an artist, detract from it.

Reclaim Garage Space

From tools and stools to trunks and junk, it seems that the garage is home to just about everything these days — except the car. According to a recent survey commissioned by the Lehigh Group, the garage is the most disorganized area of the home by a wide margin. Here’s help on how to get the mess out and the car back in.

Modern Family

What they call “the San Diego of Orange County” served Tracy and Jennifer Maziek well for 13 years. They enjoyed the “comfortable lifestyle” and their ocean view in San Clemente. But their house sat on a postage stamp-sized lot, and T racy was commuting some 50 miles to La Jolla when they decided it was time to move.
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