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Home Design

Dog + Garden = House

A couple buys a Coronado property for its lot and then hires professionals to fulfill its potential

Cottage Charisma

An 825-square-foot house in Oceanside exudes quirky charm

Social Dynamics

Pride of Place

Dapper ’20s style and stencil creations are the cat’s meow in a spiffy, ocean-view home

Diminutive — Yet Distinctive

A “modest” reworking of an Ocean Beach home makes a big impression

Up, Up and Away

As daylight turns to dusk, the rooftop aerie comes alive with dramatic lighting and the glow from fire pits that showcase the luminescence of metallic tiles around the pool and spa. An outdoor kitchen on one end of the covered area and a bathroom on the other makes the rooftop an ideal party venue.

The Big Picture

Other than the approach to the front door, the La Jolla home remodeled by architect Dustin Hauck bears little resemblance to its previous version. Sand-colored stucco and Western red cedar offset the silver-hued landscaping, while their golden tints are picked up by sunsets reflected in glass.

Somewhere Under The Rainbow

Accented with arches, the updated pavilion behind the new pool is more in tune with the home’s Spanish style than the previous structure, which had a decidedly Mid-century Modern feel. A storage space to the left was turned into a pool house with a steam shower and a bathroom/changing area.

True Colors

A low window offers a view of the reflecting pool for those sitting in the living room. The addition of a garage door that raises straight up to join the interior living and exterior dining areas gives Mark Koenig’s remodeled home modern-industrial character. An abstract mural by local artist Nate Schnell provides a colorful backdrop.

From Paints to Pillows, Do it Right

Looking through home décor magazines and websites, you’ll see many beautiful rooms in which all the elements come together to create a well-designed space. Here are guidelines to help you achieve similarly successful results in your own home.

Add Color Without Painting

If you’re not up to moving furniture, priming walls and painting, you can change the look and feel of a room without repainting. Here are some alternative methods to add color.

Rejuvenating a Period Home

An older home built in any well-defined style — from Victorian to Craftsman to Mid-century Modern — offers the owner many opportunities to make it shine again. Using original stylistic elements can provide authenticity. Here are a few tips to approach the project — whether a room or a whole house — and keep it focused.

Riding on the ‘L’

Nestled near the top of Mount Helix, a master bathroom addition takes advantage of natural light and panoramic vistas.

Repurposed Cabinets

Homeowners are taking cabinetry beyond traditional uses and giving them a custom look without the cost. For example, with easy-to-install cabinets and a small cooler, you can take entertainment to a whole new level with a beverage station in your family room. Here’s how Jen of iHeartOrganizing repurposes used cabinet doors by turning them into display and décor boards.

Personal Interiors

Strive for a room with character — especially a room with décor that represents reflects your personality. Here are ideas to help you accomplish that.

Black is the New Black

From striking black acrylic cabinets to deep, dramatic light fixtures, consumers are embracing black. Trend experts like Jackie Jordan, director of color marketing for Sherwin-Williams, share tips on how to use the hue to make a strong design statement throughout the home.

Coastal Catch

Designer Marcia Bryan derived color and accessory themes from the nearby beach and bay for a Point Loma dining room makeover. She opened the room to the kitchen, but kept it intimate.

Color Inspiration

Have you ever been inspired by a movie, book, art or time period to paint a wall? Dunn-Edwards Paints outlines five paint palettes that can evoke different themes and moods within a home, mimicking romantic 19th century settings or spiritual meditation retreats.

Give Your Rooms New Life

Do you need some help giving your home a fresh new vibe? Here are some helpful tips to get you out of your funk and see your home in a whole new light.

Add Appeal to Your Home

“With the right knowledge, it’s easy to transform any room of your home, as well as the exterior,” says Niki Decker, senior product and marketing manager with Fypon, a company that creates synthetic millwork products. Here are some tips.
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