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Q&A With Susan Madden Lankford

Q&A With Susan Madden Lankford

Art=Opportunity aims to change attitudes about the impact of arts in the realm of education

Art=Opportunity aims to change attitudes about the impact of arts in the realm of education

The Force of Fields

The disciplines of art and science come together in local exhibitions

The Big Picture

Gallery owners mentor artists with this message: You’re not alone

Theaters shine a light on works in progress

Artists convene to send a message through murals about the ocean ecosystem

Artists convene to send a message through murals about the ocean ecosystem

A Nexus in Nature

Schooled in Jewels

Classes give students an opportunity to create rings, bracelets, pendants and other adornments

Lions of Modernism

The Subject Was Roses … and Other Flowers

Bob Bretell offers his expert advice for capturing blooming beauties

Bound to Inspire

The San Diego Museum of Art gathers readers for a book club that includes docent-led exhibition tours

Creativity on the Forefront

A year ago at Mingei International Museum, you might have encountered a stilt-walking zebra wearing a bright red, sequin brassiere and carrying a parasol or a stocky man sporting a flouncy white skirt over white tights and go-go boots, a white wig and bunny ears, and a white-painted face with pink nose and eyes.

Coming Into View

Margaret Dykens slips on blue protective gloves before carefully opening the richly illustrated Historia Naturalis Ranarum Nostratium (Natural History of Our Frogs). The re-search library director at San Diego Natural History Museum can’t mask her excitement over the book’s frontispiece.

Theater Engagement

Never mind what Hamlet said. These days, theaters across the country are scrambling to attract younger audiences, and local companies are coming up with imaginative ways to encourage new attendees and enhance the theater experience.

Curative Curating

One might think that building a state-of-the-art medical facility requires nothing more than solid architecture and filling it with the latest high- tech equipment. But Scripps Health Foundation administrators know that art without the “state-of-the-” prefix plays a crucial role in healthcare.

Let’s Get StARTed

Anyone who has lived in San Diego for 100 years has witnessed a lot of changes in the art scene. Those with shorter-term residencies can get a cap-sulized education about the city’s art movements and artists at this month’s Art San Diego (Nov. 5-8).

Close Encounters

Making art can be an isolating activity. But one Los Angeles group is working to create a sense of community and brought that concept to San Diego in late February. Max Presneill, the director/curator of Torrance Art Museum, is co-founder of Artra Curatorial, a volunteer organization he and two colleagues established in 2009. Under the Artra banner, they coordinate art shows, art fairs and international gallery exchanges.

Fired Up Over Clay

During last December’s Seventh Annual San Diego Pottery Tour, Richard Burkett sat at a potter’s wheel, sculpting cups, bowls and jars as he answered the questions of curious tour-goers in Nan Coffin’s back yard. The ease and speed with which he worked amid the distractions reflected his 45 years of experience.

Art for the Ages

Melissa Inez Walker opened ArtHatch in 2004 to support and sell the work of emerging international artists and provide studio space for local artists. The 7,000-square-foot Escondido facility houses a gallery and 14 artists’ studios.

Defining Moments

Often, the most basic questions are the most difficult to answer. What is the meaning of life? Is time real? What is fine art photography?
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Pioneering Spirit

A Leucadia couple introduce water-wise succulents to an early 20th-century ranch property once home to avocado trees
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