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“The beet salad served at Marina Kitchen is all about using what is in season and adding a little twist,” says Executive Chef Aron Schwartz. “Traditionally, when people think about goat cheese, they think about tart crumbles. In our dish, we replace fresh goat cheese with an aged goat cheese that gives more depth to the salad. We use hazelnuts in the salad because they have a nice, earthy undertone that balances beautifully with the beet. Finally, we tie the whole dish together with hazelnut oil and sherry vinegar.”

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Beet Salad
Serves 6

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1 bunch roasted beets, cut in half
1/4 c. wild arugula (available at farmers markets)
12 segments of mixed citrus
2 T. crushed toasted hazelnuts
1-2 T. sherry vinegar
1-2 T. hazelnut oil
Salt and pepper to taste
1 T. aged goat cheese, shaved

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Place the first four ingredients in a mixing bowl. Add vinegar and hazelnut oil. Adjust seasoning and combine. Place on plate and finish with shaved goat cheese.

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Executive Chef Aron Schwartz
Marina Kitchen
San Diego Marriott Marquis & Marina
333 W. Harbor Dr., San Diego, CA 92101



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I first heard about the University of San Diego’s Women PeaceMakers program in 2010 from Sigrid Tornquist, an editor and writer from Minnesota. Each year since 2003, the program has selected four women peacemakers from around the world for an eight-week residency at the John B. Kroc Institute for Peace and Justice. Each is paired with a writer and documentary film team to record her story.
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