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As the universal symbol of love and beauty, the rose enjoys widespread popularity. But what most rose lovers don’t know is how crucial it is to the survival of their beloved blooms that you not only prune them, but also prune them correctly. Here are the 10 biggest mistakes people make when pruning roses.

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Concrete pavers’ affordability and durability make them a smart choice. And with the great variety of colors being offered, concrete pavers can be a powerful design element for your exterior. Here are a few ideas to consider when choosing paver color.

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As a landscape designer, I consider shrubs to be the backbone of good design for the exterior of a home. Here are a variety of significant roles that shrubs play.

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Here are tips from Monrovia that home gardeners can incorporate to reduce or eliminate the need for pesticides and herbicides.

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Save money in the long run and give yourself a garden space that you’ll enjoy for years to come by taking care of the three basic foundations needed for a successful landscape: good drainage, soil and irrigation.

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With spring in full swing, many — even those without a green thumb — have gardening on their mind. From the beginner gardener to the master horticulturist, there are mobile apps galore for gardening enthusiasts of all experience levels. After weeding through many of these apps, AT&T San Diego has compiled a list to help you bring your garden to new heights.



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The Monday evening that I went into a movie theater (for the first time since moving to San Diego 18 months ago) followed the weekend’s top box-office draws, in order, Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles, Guardians of the Galaxy and Let’s Be Cops. Beyond the fact that none of those films held any interest for me, I can’t imagine why I missed them. But there you go.

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