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Here are tips from Monrovia that home gardeners can incorporate to reduce or eliminate the need for pesticides and herbicides.

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Save money in the long run and give yourself a garden space that you’ll enjoy for years to come by taking care of the three basic foundations needed for a successful landscape: good drainage, soil and irrigation.

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With spring in full swing, many — even those without a green thumb — have gardening on their mind. From the beginner gardener to the master horticulturist, there are mobile apps galore for gardening enthusiasts of all experience levels. After weeding through many of these apps, AT&T San Diego has compiled a list to help you bring your garden to new heights.

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People often ask me which succulents do well in the shade. Unfortunately, most do not. Aloes won’t bloom. Agaves rot out. Cacti become thin and sickly. But there are a few succulents that can do well in shade. And some — such as most members of the Sansevieria family — even prefer it.


A living wreath can be planted with almost any type of plant or flower, and the combinations of plants and decorations you can use are endless. Here is a list of materials and step-by-step instructions for creating a wreath.


Natural to areas in China and Japan, Nandina domestica is an ornamental plant that has been sold in San Diego for almost 100 years. Although commonly known as heavenly bamboo because of its many bamboo-like upright stalks, it has no relation to true bamboo.

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Having predominantly spent my formative years in the Midwest, the opportunities to go surfing were so few and far between that they were, essentially, nonexistent. The closest I got to the sport was watching Gidget movies at the drive-in.

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