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Much has changed in the realm of cultural creativity over the past few decades

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Who could have foreseen 35 years ago that San Diego would beat New York, San Francisco and Toronto on the arts and culture playing field? Certainly many longtime residents could not. But the fact that Business Destinations, a luxury magazine for corporate travelers, gave San Diego its 2013 award for North America's Best Destination for Cultural Tourism confirms Victoria Hamilton's position that the local arts scene "has changed dramatically on a number of fronts."

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A Bout With Jim


You can have your crime, medicine and fantasy TV series. I’m a sucker for competition shows on fashion design, dancing and cooking (not necessarily all in one program, though that would be the epitome of must-see TV for me). My newest interest is NBC’s Food Fighters, so I was excited when I tuned in last week and saw Jim Stark ready to pit his home cooking skills against professional chefs.
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