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If your growing grounds are a patio or balcony, you still can enjoy homegrown fruit, thanks to breeding that has created varieties sized for small spaces and containers. Here are four introductions from Monrovia. All like plenty of sun and regular water.

‘Black Jack’ Fig:Only 10 feet tall at maturity, this handsome semi-dwarf fig is ideal for urban gardens. It produces fruit earlier than other varieties. Deciduous.

‘Angel Red’ Pomegranate: Orange flowers in summer are followed by shiny red fruit on this patio pomegranate that grows slowly to 10 feet tall. Fiberless seeds result in exceptionally juicy fruit.

‘Raspberry Shortcake’ Thornless Raspberry: This mounding plant growing to 3 feet tall and wide is the result of decades of breeding by Oregon’s Fall Creek Farm and Nursery. White flowers in spring are followed by honey-sweet red fruit. Deciduous.

‘Jelly Bean’ Blueberry:Another compact Fall Creek Farm introduction that grows up to 2 feet tall, this is a perfect fit for patio containers. As the weather cools, green leaves are edged in red.

Look for Monrovia plants at Armstrong Garden Centers and other specialty nurseries.



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Perhaps it’s because the “cottage” with the wavy, cedar-thatched roof on the cover of our July issue looks like it could be the home of Snow White and the Seven Dwarfs that I was immediately intrigued by a press release I received this week.

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