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Crocosmia lucifer

AS SOON AS DAFFODILS trumpet the approach of spring, it’s time to order summer bulbs. These prolific bloomers can take the heat ahead, and many multiply (or naturalize) over time. Some favorites include Crocosmia, a South Africa native with blade foliage and scarlet, orange or yellow flowers on tall stems; spider lily (Lycoris), bold blooms that range from yellow and white to hot orange-red with spidery stamens on leafless flower stalks; Crinum, naked lady relatives with fragrant flowers in solid colors and stripes on tall stalks; tuberose (Polianthes tuberosa), perfumers’ favorite with highly scented flowers on 3-foot stems; and gayfeather (Liatris spicata), showy purple, lilac and white flowers on stems up to 4 feet tall. Look for all at specialty nurseries and online retailers, including Oceanside’s Easy to Grow Bulbs.

Garden Planner: By Mary James

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Shelf Realization


A stranger walks into your house. OK, let’s take the creep factor out of the equation and make that an invited stranger — for whatever reason you might invite a stranger past the front door, which could range from an actuary who can advise you on life insurance and who may never cross your threshold again to your son’s new girlfriend who may one day become a family member with an open invitation to “bring the grandkids by anytime.

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