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EDIBLES GROWERS tend to stick with tried-and-true varieties. This year, vow to add a couple of new vegetables to your garden mix. Here are a few 2013 introductions to try:

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Royalty Purple Pod Heirloom Bush Beans (above): Part of a new collection of certified organic seeds, these colorful, long string beans are conversation starters on and off the vine. Renee’s Garden, 888-880-7228

Ortolana di Faenza Zucchini: Another heirloom from the organic collection, this classic Italian squash is tender, tasty and easy to grow. Renee’s Garden

Cajun Bell Pepper: This sweet pepper with the classic blocky shape is spicy, but not as hot as a chili pepper. John Scheepers Kitchen Garden Seeds, 860-567-6086

Orion Fennel: Compact plants deliver more licorice-flavored “bulbs,” as well as scented fronds, to snip for salads and floral arrangements. John Scheepers Kitchen Garden Seeds

Lunchbox Pepper Series: Bite-size snack peppers in tempting shades of red, yellow and orange grow on tall, strong plants. Great for salads, too. Johnny’s Selected Seeds, 877-564-6697

Dester Tomato: This pink beefsteak provides great flavor and heft (up to 1½ pounds). Originally from Germany, the seed was saved for more than 40 years before the company acquired it. Baker Creek Seed Co., 417-924-8917

Red Streaks and Lime Streaks Mizuna: An eye-popping combo in an edible landscape, these two oriental greens produce peppery, fringed leaves in bright green and red-purple. Baker Creek Seed Co.


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Louis scolds floyd for doing an stuff without the form front, saying it was true. where to buy levitra over the counter Fees on the engineering and life balls.

I suspect that when Canadian architect Arthur Erickson designed the San Diego Convention Center he gave little, if any, thought to the possibility that some 25 years later the lobby’s acoustics would be unbearable for people with no hearing loss during the gathering of an enthusiastically charged drum circle of people over the age of 50, whom I can only guess must have some degree of hearing loss.
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